Monday, April 26, 2010

How Can Dental Implants Help Me?

Since the mid-1990's, dental implant treatment has changed the lives of thousands of patients. Until that time, replacement of natural teeth required either an invasive treatment such as fixed bridgework, which required removal of all of the overlying enamel on the adjacent teeth, or a removable replacement that did not feel or function naturally.

Now, we have the ability to replace teeth by literally replacing the lost root with an implant fixture. The result feels and functions like a natural tooth.

The process works like this: We prepare the site where the tooth was lost (sometimes we need to add bone to the area), we place the implant fixture in the site, and a few months later we build a new tooth on the fixture.

Implants can also make a tremendous impact on edentulous patients. We can use them to secure removable dentures, or better yet, we can use them to retain a completely implant supported prosthesis to replace some or all of the teeth in an arch.

If you have lost a tooth or have been suffering with loose dentures, don't you owe it to yourself to explore the options that can truly improve your quality of life? Give us a call, and we can set up an individual consultation!

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